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Transmission of culture it is Learned • Americans focus on the individual and we have a tendency to use the word “my” as in my house, school, or country • Whereas the Koreans would us the word our house, school or country • Koreans may have a sadness due to the history of invasions in their country Individual Experiences • As children we are presented a culture by our family and friends • Each family will have it’s own version of the cultural practices • People can pick and choose what they want and what they reject • Note how people celebrate holidays in our culture-Christmas, Easter, 4th of July
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Unformatted text preview: Culture is a Tool for Problems of Living • Humans are dependent on others • They have to go through a process of adjusting to the environment • South Koreans have put conscientious objectors in jail but now they are allowing them freedom of thought • Each society has a formula that helps people to adjust to the problems of the life cycle Culture is a Tool for Problems of Living • Hunger--cultures decide what is edible and what is not • Koreans and other Asians may eat dogs and snake for protein sources • Americans are dog lovers—62% celebrate their dog’s birthday, 31% think their dog understands them while only 47% think it is their spouse...
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