Transmission of culture

Transmission of culture - dumps etc Adoption means to raise...

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Transmission of culture it is Learned • We are not born with a culture – Babies get it from caregivers – We receive a genetic history from our parents but the family we are raised in gives us culture • Language--denotation--literal meaning, connotation--associations evoked by the word and idioms group of words having a different meaning Transmission of culture it is Learned • Idioms--”to bump into someone”, “to be on top of the world” “to be down in the
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Unformatted text preview: dumps etc Adoption means to raise a child that is not your own in the US however in Korea it means a sonless couple receive a son from the husbands brother or male cousin Transmission of culture it is Learned In Korea the older a person is the more respect they receive Age has to be used in conversation--you are not someones sister you are either the younger or older sister Also in Korea family is so important that the family name comes first...
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