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Within a few days the students internalized their roles

Within a few days the students internalized their roles -...

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Within a few days the students internalized their roles. Charon (1986:173) contends the situation became so nightmarish that the study came to an early end. On the second day of the study, the prisoners protested and as punishment guards took away their beds. Other student-prisoners who didn't follow the rules were placed in "the hole" which was an area used for solitary confinement. Going to the bathroom became a privilege for the model prisoners. According to Zimbardo, "There were dramatic changes in virtually every aspect of their behavior, thinking, and feeling. We saw some boys (guards) treat other as if they were despicable animals.
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Unformatted text preview: Those playing prison guards took pleasure with inflicting cruelty. The other boys (prisoners) became servile, dehumanized robots who thought only of escaping, of their own individual survival, and of their mounting hatred for the guards" (see Charon, 1986:174). Zimbardo (1971) noted that some prisoners attempted to fake insanity in an effort to be removed from the experiment. In the case of one young man, the prisoner appeared to actually "loose it."...
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