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The Hall Effect Another good application of the force exerted by moving charges is the Hall effect. The Hall effect is very interesting, because it is one of the few physics phenomena that tell us that current in wires is made up of negative charges. It is also a common way of measuring the strength of a magnetic field. Start by picturing a wire of square cross-section, carrying a current out of the page. We want to figure out whether the charges flowing in that wire are positive, and out of the page, or negative, flowing in to the page. There is a uniform magnetic field pointing down the page. First assume that the current is made up of positive charges flowing out of the page. With a magnetic field down the page, the right-hand rule indicates that these positive charges experience a force to the right. This will deflect the charges to the right, piling up positive charge on the right and leaving a deficit of positive charge (i.e., a net negative charge) on the left. This looks like a set of charged parallel plates, so an
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