The torque on a current loop

The torque on a current loop - of the current around the...

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The torque on a current loop A very useful effect is the torque exerted on a loop by a magnetic field, which tends to make the loop rotate. Many motors are based on this effect. The torque on a coil with N turns of area A carrying a current I is given by: The combination NIA is usually referred to as the magnetic moment of the coil. It is a vector normal (i.e., perpendicular) to the loop. If you curl your fingers in the direction
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Unformatted text preview: of the current around the loop, your thumb will point in the direction of the magnetic moment. Applications of magnetic forces and fields There are a number of good applications of the principle that a magnetic field exerts a force on a moving charge. One of these is the mass spectrometer : a mass spectrometer separates charged particles (usually ions) based on their mass....
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