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Motions - Motions/Events of the Sun The Sun is pretty...

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Motions/Events of the Sun The Sun is pretty bright, and without it, all life on Earth would be nonexistent, so let's see how complicated its motions are. We'll just consider the motions that you would see in Iowa - It rises along the eastern horizon and sets along the western horizon - but it doesn't rise exactly due east and it doesn't set exactly due west. The exact location on the horizon where it rises and sets changes over the months. Another thing that changes is the time of day it rises or sets. Both of these aspects of the Sun's motion change with the seasons. Actually, there are two times during the year when the Sun does rise exactly due east and set exactly due west. These times are used to determine the starts of some seasons. The Sun appears to travel along a different path of the sky during the day over the course of a year. What does that mean? It means that sometimes the Sun appears very high in the sky and sometimes it appears closer to the ground - even at noon, it looks rather low. This
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