Anatomy - Subdivided into lobules by the suspensory...

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Anatomy Anatomy The breast is a multi-segmented organ Soft hemispherical organ lying in the superficial fascia of the anterior thoracic wall between the second and sixth ribs Breasts in pectoral region on each side of the anterior thoracic wall Between the base of the breast and underlying fascia is the retromammary space which allows the breasts movement Medially, the breast is adjacent to the lateral border of the sternum Laterally, it extends as the axillary tail along the border of pec major The breast is composed of 15-20 milk secreting lobules each drained by its own lactiferous duct o Some segments full during breast feeding, some not 12 – 18 openings on nipple o OK if 1 segment doesn’t produce milk as the others will take over o Common for ducts to get inflamed or blocked when breast feeding
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Unformatted text preview: Subdivided into lobules by the suspensory ligaments of cooper which originate as fibrous bands from the superficial fascia o The breasts are not attached to muscle The nipple is surrounded by a circular pigmented area, the areola which contained sebaceous glands called the tubercles of Montgomery o Tubercles of Montgomery secrete sweat moistens nipple when breast feeding Areola has smooth muscle o Responds to sympathetic stresses: hardened when excited/cold Clinically the breast may be divided into 4 quadrants useful in describing the location of lumps o Many women also have an axillary tail (towards the armpit) Surface Anatomy Overlying: o Pec major o Pec minor o Serratus anterior o Rectus abdominus (floor of breast if breast is large)...
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Anatomy - Subdivided into lobules by the suspensory...

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