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Appendicular Skeleton: General : Bones hang suspended from bony girdles anchored to the axial skeleton. Appended to the longitudinal axis of the body Pectoral girdle attach the upper limbs. Pelvic girdle attach the lower limbs. Each 1imb is composed of 3 major segments connected together by freely movable joints. Appendicular skeleton functions in movement and manipulation. Pectoral Girdle: Consists of two bones: clavicle (anterior side), scapula (posterior side) . 2 girdles plus their muscles form the shoulders. Anteriorly the medial end of each clavicle joins the sternum -- the distal ends meet the scapulae laterally. Pectoral girdles provide insertion points for many muscles. Girdles are very light and allow the upper limb a high degree of flexibility and mobility. Only attachment point of the pectoral girdles to the axial skeleton is at the sternoclavicular joints anteriorly. The socket of the shoulder joint is small and shallow and poorly reinforced by ligaments. Good for flexibility but poor for stability.
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