Bone - undifferentiated embryonic connective tissue...

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Bone Bone is a specialised connective tissue. Cells embedded in extracellular matrix Osteoblasts – build bone Osteocytes – osteoblasts entrapped in bone Osteoclasts – break down or chomp bone Bone is being constantly renewed through the actions of the osteoclasts and osteoblasts. General Structure of Adult Bone Adult bones consist of an outer layer of cortical bone and a central core of cancellous bone also referred to as spongy bone and trabecular bone. Structure of Cortical Bone Cortical bone is a series of Haversian systems. The space between the Haversian systems is filled with bony lamellae called interstitial lamellae. Extended around the bone are outer circumferential lamellae. Each Haversian system consists of concentric lamellae of bone laid down around a central canal and contains blood vessels. Development of Bone All the skeletal system i.e. bone, cartilage and joints, develop from mesenchyme i.e.
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Unformatted text preview: undifferentiated embryonic connective tissue Response to external micro-environment signals and internal lineage signals - not well understood. • ? Growth Factors • ? Cytokines By 6 th week the undifferentiated model starts to differentiate down one of two routes depending upon the site of development Intramembranous Osteogenesis This method of bone development involves the laying down of bone tissue directly in the primitive connective tissue or mesenchyme. No cartilage pre-cursor. This type of development is seen in the flat bones of the skull, parts of the temporal, mandible and maxilla 1. Mesenchyme condenses and is highly vascular 2. Mesenchyme cells differentiate into Osteoblasts 3. Matrix secretion – osteoid 4. Bone osteoblasts trapped – mature into osteocytes Bone organised into layers – Lamellae Bone grown in a haphazard manor – Callus/Woven Bone...
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Bone - undifferentiated embryonic connective tissue...

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