Common Joint Injuries

Common Joint Injuries - Common Joint Injuries 1 Sprain...

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Common Joint Injuries: 1. Sprain - ligaments reinforcing a joint are stretched or torn. Most common sites are the lumbar region of the spine, ankle, and the knee. Partially torn ligaments will repair themselves. Heal slowly and tend to be painful and immobilizing. Completely ruptured ligaments must be repaired surgically and quickly, because the inflammatory response in the joint will turn the injured ligament to mush. 2. Cartilage injuries involve tearing of the knee menisci due to high pressure and twisting motions occurring simultaneously. Being avascular tissue, cartilage rarely can repair itself. Fragments can interfere with joint function by causing locking or binding of the joint. Must be removed surgically (usually arthroscopically). Removal of some or all of a meniscus does not severely impair knee joint mobility, but the joint is definitely less stable. 3. Dislocation - occurs when bones are forced out of their normal positions at a joint. Usually accompanied by sprains, inflammation, and joint immobilization.Common contact sports injury.
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