Connective tissue proper

Connective tissue proper - Cells found in lacunae...

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Connective tissue proper • Three types of fiber • Collagen fibers • Reticular fibers • Elastic fibers Connective tissue proper • Classified as loose or dense • Loose • Embryonic mesenchyme, mucous connective tissues • Areolar tissue • Adipose tissue • Reticular tissue • Dense • Dense regular CT • Dense irregular CT Fluid connective tissues • Distinctive collections of cells in a fluid matrix • Blood • Formed elements and plasma • Red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets • Arteries carry blood away, veins carry to the heart • Capillaries allow diffusion into the interstitial fluid • Lymph • Interstitial fluid entering the lymphatic vessels Supporting connective tissues • Cartilage and bone support the rest of the body • Cartilage • Grows via interstitial and appositional growth • Matrix is a firm gel containing chondroitin sulfate • Cells called chondrocytes
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Unformatted text preview: Cells found in lacunae Perichondrium separates cartilage from surrounding tissues Three types: hyaline, elastic and fibrocartilage Has osteocytes Depend on diffusion through canaliculi for nutrients Little ground substance Dense mineralized matrix Surrounded by periosteum Membranes Membranes are simple organs Form a barrier Composed of epithelium and connective tissue Four types Cutaneous Synovial Serous Mucous Mucous membranes Line cavities that communicate with the exterior Contain lamina propria Serous membranes Line sealed internal cavities Form transudate Cutaneous membrane Covers the body surface Synovial membrane Incomplete lining within joint cavities The Connective Tissue Framework of the Body Organs and systems are interconnected Network of connective tissue proper consisting of Superficial fascia Deep fascia Subserous fascia Muscle Tissue Muscle tissue Specialized for contraction Three types Skeletal Cardiac Smooth...
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Connective tissue proper - Cells found in lacunae...

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