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Connective tissue proper

Connective tissue proper - • Cells found in lacunae •...

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Connective tissue proper • Three types of fiber • Collagen fibers • Reticular fibers • Elastic fibers Connective tissue proper • Classified as loose or dense • Loose • Embryonic mesenchyme, mucous connective tissues • Areolar tissue • Adipose tissue • Reticular tissue • Dense • Dense regular CT • Dense irregular CT Fluid connective tissues • Distinctive collections of cells in a fluid matrix • Blood • Formed elements and plasma • Red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets • Arteries carry blood away, veins carry to the heart • Capillaries allow diffusion into the interstitial fluid • Lymph • Interstitial fluid entering the lymphatic vessels Supporting connective tissues • Cartilage and bone support the rest of the body • Cartilage • Grows via interstitial and appositional growth • Matrix is a firm gel containing chondroitin sulfate • Cells called chondrocytes
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Unformatted text preview: • Cells found in lacunae • Perichondrium separates cartilage from surrounding tissues • Three types: hyaline, elastic and fibrocartilage • Has osteocytes • Depend on diffusion through canaliculi for nutrients • Little ground substance • Dense mineralized matrix • Surrounded by periosteum Membranes Membranes are simple organs • Form a barrier • Composed of epithelium and connective tissue • Four types • Cutaneous • Synovial • Serous • Mucous Mucous membranes • Line cavities that communicate with the exterior • Contain lamina propria Serous membranes • Line sealed internal cavities • Form transudate • Cutaneous membrane • Covers the body surface • Synovial membrane • Incomplete lining within joint cavities The Connective Tissue Framework of the Body Organs and systems are interconnected • Network of connective tissue proper consisting of • Superficial fascia • Deep fascia • Subserous fascia Muscle Tissue Muscle tissue • Specialized for contraction • Three types • Skeletal • Cardiac • Smooth...
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