Cranium - Cranium : 8 bones - strong, yet light weight....

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Unformatted text preview: Cranium : 8 bones - strong, yet light weight. Protects the brain. Frontal Bone: Anterior portion - forehead. Forms the roofs of the orbits. Anterior portion of the cranial floor.Attached to the parietal bones via the coronal suture.Thickened.Extends posteriorly forming the anterior cranial fossae which supports the frontal lobes of the brain. Parietal Bones: Forms most of the top and superolateral sides of the skull.4 major sutures occur where the parietal bones join with the other cranial bones. Coronal suture - parietal meet frontal bones anteriorly Sagittal suture - 2 parietal bones meet at midline Lambdoidal suture - parietal meet occipital bones posteriorly Squamous suture - parietal and a temporal bone meet on the lateral aspect of the skull Occipital Bone: Attaches anteriorly with the paired parietal and temporal bones. Joins with the sphenoid bone in the cranial floor.Forms most of the posterior wall and base of the skull externally. Internally forms the walls of the posterior cranial fossa. Base is the foremen magnum externally....
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