Dermatomes - Dermatomes The skin of the body can be mapped...

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Dermatomes The skin of the body can be mapped to the various nerves that provide sensory innervation. The area of skin innervated by the branches of a single nerve is called a dermatome. Reflex Activity Many of the body's control systems belong to the general category of stimulus-response sequences known as reflexes. A reflex is a rapid, predictable motor response to a stimulus, it is unlearned, unpremeditated, and involuntary. In many cases the final response to the reflex activity is apparent, while in others the reflex activities go unnoticed (inborn). There are learned or acquired reflex responses that result from practice or repetition. These are largely automatic but only because of conscious effort expended to learn the skill. Most reflex actions are subject to modification by learning and conscious effort. Components of a Reflex Arc 1. Receptor: site of the stimulus action. 2. Sensory neurons: transmits the afferent impulses to CNS. 3. Integration center: simple: may be a single synapse between the sensory neuron and a motor
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