Distribution of blood in the liver

Distribution of blood in the liver - The attachment of...

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Distribution of blood in the liver Hepatic artery and Hepatic portal vein terminate close to/at the porta hepatis by dividing into right and left branches, supplying the right and left livers respectively. These have further branching to the 7/8 hepatic segments. Porta hepatis is a transverse fissure of the liver separating quadrate and caudal lobes: transmits the hepatic portal vein, the hepatic artery proper, the common hepatic duct, nerves and lymphatics. . Between the divisions of hepatic artery are right, intermediate and left hepatic veins which branch from hepatic portal vein which are intersegmental in their distribution and function. These are formed by union of collecting veins that in turn drain the central veins of the hepatic parenchyma. Central veins carry clean blood to hepatic vein with open into IVC inferior to diaphragm.
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Unformatted text preview: The attachment of these veins to the IVC help hold the liver in position. Relationships of hepatic arteries Right hepatic artery crosses anterior to portal vein and runs posterior to the common hepatic duct. Portal vein forms posterior to neck of pancreas and ascends anterior to IVC Biliary flow The liver is responsible for production of bile. Bile is collected in the canaliculi (in the liver) which then travels into duct formed by a group of canaliculi. Bile ducts (considered intrahepatic as they are found in the liver) will then drain into a left and right hepatic duct (these can be extrahepatic outside the liver, or intrahepatic). The left and right hepatic ducts then merge to form the common hepatic duct. When this is joined by the cystic duct from the gallbladder, this is now called the common bile duct....
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Distribution of blood in the liver - The attachment of...

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