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Femoral Nerves - Femoral Nerves Femoral nerves are branches...

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Femoral Nerves Femoral nerves are branches which stem from the lumbar nerves and divide into many smaller branches to supply motor impulses to the muscles of the thighs and legs; they receive sensory impulses from the skin of the thighs and the lower legs. Hair Follicles Hair is present on all skin surfaces except the palms, soles, lips, nipples, and various parts of the external reproductive organs; however, it is not always well developed. For example, it is very fine on the forehead and the inside surface of the arm. Each hair develops from a group of epidermal cells at the base of a tube-like depression called a "hair follicle." This follicle extends from the surface into the dermis and may pass into the subcutaneous layer. The cells at its base receive nourishment from dermal blood vessels that occur in a projection of connective tissue, called the derma papilla, at the base of the follicle. As these epidermal cells divide and grow, older cells are pushed toward the surface. The cells that move upward and away from the nutrient
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