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Genicular Artery - Genicular Artery The genicular...

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Genicular Artery The genicular arteries (inferior and superior) supply the knee joint and the skin of the upper and media leg. Pulmonary Artery/Vein When the muscular wall of the right ventricle contacts, the blood inside the heart chamber is put under more pressure, and the tricuspid valve closes. As a result, the only exit is through the "pulmonary trunk," which divides to form the right and left "pulmonary arteries." At the base of this trunk is a "pulmonary semilunar valve" that is made up of three leaflets or cusps. This valve opens when the right ventricle contracts. When the right ventricular muscles relax, blood starts back up the pulmonary trunk, causing the valve to close to prevent the flow from returning into the ventricular chamber. The pulmonary vein travels parallel to the pulmonary artery as it carries the blood back up to the heart. Lungs (An Overview) Air, which is inhaled through the mouth and nasal passages, travels through the windpipe or "trachea" into two main air passages. These divide into smaller branches which separate into
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