Hindgut - foregut • Lesser Splanchnic nerves(T10-T11...

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Hindgut Development of the Hindgut : ends at the cloacal membrane which separates it from the proctodaeum (endodermal) distal 1/3 of transverse colon descending colon (adheres to posterior abdominal wall) sigmoid colon (intraperitoneal) rectum (retroperitoneal) superior 2/3 the anal canal to pectinate line Congenital Abnormalities: recto-vesical fistulae – meconium (earliest stools) released from penis. imperforate anus – failure of cloacal membrane to rupture Canalisation of all intestines occur in weeks 6-8 as they initially have no lumen. Failure causes narrowing ( stenosis ) or complete obstruction ( atresia ) of the intestines Innervations: Thoracic splanchnic nerves arise from the sympathetic trunk in the thorax and provide sympathetic innervation to the abdomen divided into: Greater splanchnic nerves (T5-T9) o travels through the diaphragm and enters the abdominal cavity, contributing to the celiac plexus o modulate enteric nervous system of the
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Unformatted text preview: foregut • Lesser Splanchnic nerves (T10-T11) MIDGUT o fibres synapse with the superior mesenteric plexus o modulates enteric nervous system of midgut Lumbar Splanchnic nerves (T12-L2) o innervate smooth muscle and glands of the pelvic viscera and the hindgut Enteric nervous system controlled by myenteric plexus (Auerbach’s) = both parasympathetic and sympathetic. (Submucosal) Meissner’s plexus is parasympathetic ONLY. 4 functions of the peritoneum (two layered structure which includes a serous membrane that forms the lining of the abdominal cavity) • lubricates and allows movement for viscera • secretes fluid containing leucocytes and antibodies which resists infection • pathway for neurovascular bundles Also folds to: • suspends the viscera (mesenteries) and attaches viscera to the body wall (ligaments) • storage of fat e.g. greater and lesser omenta...
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Hindgut - foregut • Lesser Splanchnic nerves(T10-T11...

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