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Intermediate Antebrachial Vein

Intermediate Antebrachial Vein - Intermediate Antebrachial...

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Intermediate Antebrachial Vein The intermediate antebrachial vein drains blood from dorsum of thumb and the elbow Internal Iliac Artery The abdominal aorta divides to form the "common iliac arteries" in the lower abdomen, and these vessels supply blood to the pelvic organs, gluteral region, and legs. Each common iliac artery descends a short distance and divides into an internal and an external branch. The internal iliac artery divides into many smaller branches to supply the various pelvic muscles and tissue structures, as well as the gluteal muscles (buttocks) and the external genitalia. Some of the important branches of this vessel include: (1) iliolumbar artery to the ilium (hipbone) and muscles of the back; (2) superior and inferior gluteal arteries to the muscles of the buttocks, pelvic muscles, and the skin of the buttocks; (3) internal pudendal artery to the alimentary canal, external genitalia, and hip joint; (4) the superior and inferior vesical arteries to the urinary
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