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LATERAL ABERRANT THYROID Small amounts of histologically normal thyroid tissue are occasionally found separate from the thyroid. If these tissue elements are near the thyroid, not in lymph nodes, and entirely normal histologically, it is possible that they represent developmental abnormalities. True lateral aberrant thyroid tissue or embryonic rests of thyroid tissue in the lymph nodes of the lateral neck region are very rare. Most agree that the overwhelming number of cases of what in the past was called “lateral aberrant thyroid” actually represented well-differentiated thyroid cancer metastatic to a cervical lymph node rather than an embryonic rest. In such cases, we favor near-total or total thyroidectomy with a modified radical neck dissection on the side of the lymph node, probably followed by radioiodine therapy. Several lateral thyroid masses have been reported that are said to be benign adenomas in lateral ectopic sites. 85,86 The authors of these studies suggest that they may develop ectopically because of failure of fusion of the lateral thyroid component with the median thyroid. However, before accepting this explanation, it is important to be certain that each of these lesions does not represent a well-differentiated metastasis that has totally replaced a lymph node and in which the primary thyroid carcinoma is small or even microscopic and was not recognized. SUBSTERNAL GOITERS Developmental abnormalities may lead to the finding of thyroid tissue in the mediastinum or, rarely, even within the tracheal or esophageal wall. However, most substernal goiters undoubtedly originate in the neck and then “fall” or are “swallowed” into the mediastinum and are not embryologically determined at all. Intrathoracic goiters have been reported to occur in 0.1% to 21% of patients in whom
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