Lymphoid tissue - •Red pulp contains RBC •White pulp...

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Lymphoid tissue •Connective tissue dominated by lymphocytes •Lymphoid nodules •Lymphocytes densely packed in areolar tissue •Found in the respiratory, digestive, and urinary tracts •MALT ( m ucosa- a ssociated l ymphoid t issue) •Collection of lymphoid tissues linked with the digestive system Lymphoid organs •Lymph nodes – function in the purification of lymph •Afferent lymphatics – carry lymph to nodes •Efferent lymphatics – carry lymph from nodes •Deep cortex dominated by T cells •Outer cortex and medulla contains B cells The Lymphatic System and Immunity The Thymus •Located behind sternum in anterior mediastinum •Capsule •Two lobes •Divided into lobules, each with a cortex and medulla •Cortical lymphocytes surrounded by reticular endothelial cells •Maintain blood–thymus barrier •Secretes thymic hormones: thymosins, thymopoietins, and thymulin The Spleen •Largest mass of lymphoid tissue •Cellular components form pulp
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Unformatted text preview: •Red pulp contains RBC •White pulp similar to lymphoid nodules •Spleen functions include •Removal of abnormal blood cells and other blood components •Storage of iron •Initiation of the specific immune response Lymphatic system and body defenses •Nonspecific defenses •Do not distinguish one type of threat from another •7 types •Specific defenses •Protect against particular threats •Depend upon the activation of lymphocytes Nonspecific Defenses Nonspecific Defenses, Physical barriers •Keep hazardous organisms outside the body •Includes hair, epithelia, secretions of integumentary and digestive systems (Part 1 - Physical Barriers) Nonspecific Defenses, Phagocytes •Remove cellular debris and respond to invasion by foreign pathogens •Monocyte-macrophage system - Fixed and free •Microphages – Neutrophils and eosinophils •Move by diapedesis •Exhibit chemotaxis...
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Lymphoid tissue - •Red pulp contains RBC •White pulp...

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