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Mandible: U-shaped. Lower jaw. Largest and strongest of the facial bones. Body forms the chin. 2 upright rami - each meets the body at the mandibular angle. Mandibular condyle - articulates with the mandibular fossa of the temporal bone. Maxillary Bones: Fused medially. Form upper jaw and central portion of face. All facial bones except the mandible articulate with the maxillae - Keystone bone. Carry the upper teeth. Articulate with the zygomatic bones laterally via the zygomatic processes. Zygomatic Bones: Cheekbones. Articulate with the zygomatic processes of the temporal bones posteriorly and with the zygomatic processes of the maxillae anteriorly. Nasal Bones: Thin, rectangular bones fused medially forming the bridge of the nose. Articulate with the frontal bones. Lacrimal Bones: Minor contribution to the medial wall of each orbit. Part of the passage way that permits tears to drain from the eye surface into the nasal cavity.
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