Muscles that affect the elbow

Muscles that affect the elbow - • Obturator muscles...

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Muscles that affect the elbow • Biceps brachii muscle • Triceps brachii muscle • Brachialis and brachioradialis flex the elbow • Aconeus muscle extends the elbow Muscles that affect the wrist • Flexion of the wrist • Flexor carpi ulnaris • Flexor carpi radialis • Palmaris longus • Extension of the wrist • Extensor carpi radialis • Extensor carpi ulnaris Muscles that affect the forearm • Pronation of the forearm • Pronator teres muscle • Pronator quadratus muscle • Supination of the forearm • Supinator muscle Muscles of the pelvis and lower limbs • Gluteal muscles cover the lateral surfaces of the ilia • Gluteus maximus (shares an insertion with the tensor fasciae latea) • Pulls on the iliotibial tract Lateral rotators of the leg • Piriformis muscle
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Unformatted text preview: • Obturator muscles Adductors perform a variety of functions Iliopsoas muscle • Formed from the merging of the psoas major and the iliacus muscles • Powerful flexor of the hip Flexors of the knee • The hamstrings • Biceps femoris muscles • Semimembranosus muscles • Semitendinosis muscles • Popliteus muscle unlocks the knee joint Extensors of the knee • Quadriceps femoris • Three vastus muscles • Rectus femoris muscle Movements at the ankle • Plantar flexion • Gastrocnemius muscle • Soleus muscle • Eversion and plantar flexion • Fibularis muscle • Foot position and toe movement is accomplished by muscles originating on the talus and metatarsal bones Aging and the Muscular System With aging • Power and size of muscle tissue decrease • Skeletal muscles undergo fibrolysis • Tolerance for exercise decreases • Repair of injuries slows...
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Muscles that affect the elbow - • Obturator muscles...

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