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Musculocutaneous Nerve - Musculocutaneous Nerve The...

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Musculocutaneous Nerve The musculocutaneous nerve in the arm is formed by splitting the brachial plexus at the inside border of the pectoral muscles into two branches. These branches continue to split as they run down through the upper arm, forearm, and into the wrist and hand. In the leg, the "superficial peroneal nerve" (also called musculocutaneous nerve) passes between the peronei and the extensor digitorum longus, pierces the deep tissues of the lower third of the leg, and divides into a "medial" and "intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerve." Nasal Passages Smell is often considered to be the least important of all the senses, but it may be one of the oldest, and probably acts on the subconscious more than the other senses. There is little doubt that scents have important roles in human behavior. The body is provided with glands to produce specific odors, many of which appear to be associated with sexual attraction and excitement, and others that have considerable significance as well. The bond between a baby and its mother is
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