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Neural Integration

Neural Integration - 4 Parallel after-discharge circuits...

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Neural Integration Neurons function in groups. Each group contributes to still broader neural functions. There must be integration so that the parts fuse into a smoothly operating whole. Types of Circuits: The patterns of synaptic connections in the pools are called circuits. Circuits determine functional capabilities. Four basic types of circuits: 1. Diverging circuits: One incoming fiber triggers responses in ever increasing numbers farther and farther along in the circuit. Amplifying circuits. 2. Converging circuits: Opposite that of diverging circuits. Pool receives inputs from several presynaptic neurons and funnels or concentrates them. 3. Reverberating circuits: Incoming signal travels through a chain of neurons, each of which makes collateral synapses with neurons in the previous part of the pathway. Impulses reverberate, giving a continuous output.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Parallel after-discharge circuits: Incoming fiber stimulates several neurons arranged in parallel that eventually stimulate a common output cell. Patterns of Neural Processing Processing of inputs in the various circuits is both serial and parallel. Serial processing: The input travels along a single pathway to a specific destination. Whole system works in a predictable all or nothing manner. One neuron stimulates the next in sequence eventually causing a specific response. Parallel processing: The input travels along several different pathways to be integrated in different CNS regions. Inputs are segregated into many different pathways and information is dealt with simultaneously by different parts of the neural circuitry. Not repetitious because the circuits do different things with the information....
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