Part 2 - Nonspecific Defenses, Complement system •Cascade...

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(Part 2 - Phagocytes) Nonspecific Defenses, Immunological surveillance •Constant monitoring of normal tissue by NK cells •NK cells •Recognize cell surface markers on foreign cells •Destroy cells with foreign antigens NK cell activation •Recognition of unusual surface proteins •Rotation of the Golgi toward the target cell and production of perforins •Release of perforins by exocytosis •Interaction of perforins causing cell lysis (Part 3 - Immunological Surveillance) Nonspecific Defenses, Interferons (cytokines) •Small proteins released by virally infected cells •Trigger the production of antiviral proteins •Three major types of interferons are: •Alpha– produced by leukocytes and attract/stimulate NK cells •Beta– secreted by fibroblasts causing slow inflammation •Gamma – secreted by T cells and NK cells stimulate macrophage activity (Part 4 - Interferons)
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Unformatted text preview: Nonspecific Defenses, Complement system •Cascade of ~11 plasma complement proteins (C) •Destroy target cell membranes •Stimulate inflammation •Attract phagocytes •Enhance phagocytosis Complement proteins interact with on another via two pathways •Classical •Alternative (Part 5 - Complement System) Nonspecific Defenses, Inflammation •Localized tissue response to injury producing •Swelling •Redness •Heat •Pain •Effects of inflammation include •Temporary repair of injury •Slowing the spread of pathogens •Mobilization of local, regional, and systemic defenses (Part 6 - Inflammatory Response) Nonspecific Defenses, Fever •Maintenance of a body temperature above 37.2 o C (99 o F) •Pyrogens reset the hypothalamic thermostat and raise body temperature •Pathogens, toxins, antigen-antibody complexes can act as pyrogens...
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Part 2 - Nonspecific Defenses, Complement system •Cascade...

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