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Posterior Tibial Artery At its lower end, the popliteal artery below the knee divides into the anterior and the posterior tibial arteries. The posterior tibial artery, the larger of the two popliteal branches, descends beneath the calf muscle and divides into branches to supply blood to the skin, muscles, and other tissues of the lower leg along the way. Some of these join the nerve networks behind the knee and around the ankle. The largest branch of the posterior tibial artery is the "peroneal artery," which travels down along the fibula (lower leg bone) and contributes to the nerve network around the ankle. Radial Artery/Vein Within the elbow, the brachial artery divides into an ulnar and a radial artery. The radial artery, a true continuation of the brachial artery, travels down the radial side of the forearm to the wrist. As it nears the wrist, it rises close to the surface and is a convenient vessel for taking the pulse.
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