Principles of Functional Organization

Principles of Functional Organization - Response by...

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Principles of Functional Organization General organization • Sensory neurons • Deliver information to CNS • Motor neurons • Distribute commands to peripheral effectors • Interneurons • Interpret information and coordinate responses Neuronal pools • Functional group of interconnected neurons • Neural circuit patterns • Divergence • Convergence • Serial processing • Parallel processing • Reverberation An introduction to reflexes • Reflexes are rapid automatic responses to stimuli • Neural reflex involves sensory fibers to CNS and motor fibers to effectors Reflex arc • Wiring of a neural reflex • Five steps • Arrival of stimulus and activation of receptor • Activation of sensory neuron • Information processing • Activation of motor neuron
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Unformatted text preview: Response by effector Reflex classification According to development Site of information processing Nature of resulting motor response Complexity of neural circuit Innate reflexes Result from connections that form between neurons during development Acquired reflexes Learned, and typically more complex More reflex classifications Cranial reflexes Reflexes processed in the brain Spinal reflexes Interconnections and processing events occur in the spinal cord Somatic reflexes Control skeletal muscle Visceral reflexes (autonomic reflexes) Control activities of other systems Monosynaptic reflex Sensory neuron synapses directly on a motor neuron Polysynaptic reflex At least one interneuron between sensory afferent and motor efferent Longer delay between stimulus and response...
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Principles of Functional Organization - Response by...

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