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Unformatted text preview: processes project from the arch: • spinous process - single midline posterior projection. • transverse processes - 2 lateral projections • superior and inferior articular processes - protrude upward and downward from the pedicle - lamina junction on each side.The surfaces of the articular processes are called facets. The inferior articular processes form joints with the superior articular processes of the vertebra immediately below. Cervical Vertebrae: C1 - C7 Smallest and lightest First two are atypical. Features: Body is broader from side to side. Except C7 the spinous process is short and projects directly back and is split at its tip (bifid). Vertebral foramen are large and generally triangular. C7 spinous process is not bifid, and larger. Used as a landmark for counting vertebra. "Vertebra Prominens" Atlas: C1. Highly modified. Has no body or spinous process. Essentially a ring of bone consisting of anterior and posterior arches and a lateral mass on each side containing articular...
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