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Projections that are sites of muscle and ligament attachment

Projections that are sites of muscle and ligament...

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Projections that are sites of muscle and ligament attachment: Tuberosity: large rounded projection Crest: narrow ridge of bone, usually prominent Trochanter: very large, blunt, irregularly shaped process Tubercle: small rounded projection or process Epicondyle: raised area on or above a condyle Spine: sharp, slender, often pointed projection Projections that help form joints: Head: bony expansion carried on a narrow neck Condyle: rounded articular projection Ramus: armlike bar of bone Depressions and openings: Meatus: canal-like passageway Sinus: cavity within a bone, filled with air and lined with mucous membrane Fossa: shallow basinlike depression in a bone often serving as an articular surface Fissure: narrow, slitlike opening Foramen: round or oval opening through a bone Types of fractures: simple - bone breaks cleanly, does not penetrate the skin compound - broken ends of bone protrude through skin comminuted - bone fragments into many pieces compression - bone is crushed
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