Reticular - Reticular accounts for about 80 of the dermis...

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Reticular: accounts for about 80% of the dermis and is a typical dense irregular connective tissue. It contains bundles of interlocking collagen fibers that run in various planes parallel to the skin surface. The fibers interlace in a netlike manner with the spaces between the fibers occupied by a small amount of adipose tissue, hair follicles, nerves, oil glands and ducts of sweat glands. The connective tissue fibers of the dermis give skin its strength and resiliency. Collagen binds water, thus helping to maintain the hydration of the skin. The reticular region is attached to underlying organs (bones, muscles) by the subcutaneous layer. Skin Color: Three pigments contribute to skin color: melanin, carotene, and hemoglobin. Melanin ranges in color from yellow to brown to black. Racial differences in skin coloring reflect the relative kind and amount of melanin made. Freckles and pigmented moles are local accumulations of melanin. Melanocytes are stimulated to greater activity when exposed to
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