Robotic Transaxillary Thyroid Surgery

Robotic - Robotic Transaxillary Thyroid Surgery Using the da Vinci robot several groups largely from Korea have developed a transaxillary approach

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Robotic Transaxillary Thyroid Surgery Using the da Vinci robot, several groups, largely from Korea, have developed a transaxillary approach to thyroidectomy. 64b,64c,64d A 10 cm incision is made unilaterally or in both axillae and the dissection progresses from the axilla to the neck with performance of a lobectomy or total thyroidectomy. In malignant cases, a level 6 dissection can be performed as well. 64b In their hands robotic surgery can be done with low complications, but the procedure takes longer than open surgery. There is a prolonged learning curve. Furthermore, use of the robot is expensive. The obvious advantage is cosmetic, since no scar is placed in the neck. In the United States this technique is in an earlier stage of development. 64e Whether it proves to be a safe and effective procedure which can be practiced by many surgeons in a cost-effective manner or whether it is a “marketing tool” remains to be determined. Transoral Thyroidectomy
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