Skeletal muscle - • Axon (nerve fiber) • Carries...

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Skeletal muscle • Cells are multinucleate • Striated voluntary muscle • Divides via satellite cells Cardiac muscle • Cardiocytes occur only in the heart • Striated involuntary muscle • Relies on pacemaker cells for regular contraction Smooth muscle tissue • Non-striated involuntary muscle • Can divide and regenerate Neural Tissue Neural tissue • Conducts electrical impulses • Conveys information from one area to another Neural tissue cells • Neurons • Transmit information • Neuroglia • Support neural tissue • Help supply nutrients to neurons Neural anatomy • Cell body • Dendrites
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Unformatted text preview: • Axon (nerve fiber) • Carries information to other neurons Tissue Injuries and Aging Inflammation and regeneration • Injured tissues respond in coordinated fashion • Homeostasis restored by inflammation and regeneration Inflammatory response • Isolates injured area • Damaged cells, tissue components and dangerous microorganisms removed • Infection avoided • Regeneration restores normal function Aging and tissue repair • Change with age • Repair and maintenance less efficient • Structure altered • Chemical composition altered Aging and cancer incidence • Incidence of cancer increases with age • 70-80% of all cases due to exposure to chemicals or environmental factors...
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Skeletal muscle - • Axon (nerve fiber) • Carries...

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