Suprahyoid and Infrahyoid Thyroid

Suprahyoid and Infrahyoid Thyroid - be a thyroglossal duct...

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Suprahyoid and Infrahyoid Thyroid In these cases, thyroid tissue is present in a midline position above or below the hyoid bone. Hypothyroidism with elevation of thyrotropin (TSH) secretion is commonly present because of the absence of a normal thyroid gland in most instances. An enlarging mass commonly occurs during infancy, childhood, or later life. Often, this mass is mistaken for a thyroglossal duct cyst, because it is usually located in the same anatomic position. 80 If it is removed, all thyroid tissue may be ablated, a consequence that has definite physiologic as well as possible medicolegal implications. To prevent total thyroid ablation, many recommend that a thyroid scan or ultrasound examination be performed in all cases of thyroglossal duct cyst before its removal to be certain that a normal thyroid gland is present. Furthermore, before removing what appears to
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Unformatted text preview: be a thyroglossal duct cyst, a prudent surgeon should be certain that no solid areas are present. If any doubt exists, the normal thyroid gland should be explored and palpated. Finally, if ectopic thyroid tissue rather than a thyroglossal duct cyst is encountered at surgery in an infant, its blood supply should be preserved; the ectopic gland divided vertically; and each half translocated laterally, deep to the strap muscles, where it is no longer manifested as a mass. If normal thyroid tissue is demonstrated to be present elsewhere or in the adult, it may be better to remove the ectopic tissue rather than transplant it, because carcinoma arising from these developmental abnormalities, although rare, has been reported....
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