Tension Production

Tension Production - • Wave summation = one twitch is...

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Tension Production Tension production by muscle fibers • All or none principle • Amount of tension depends on number of cross bridges formed • Skeletal muscle contracts most forcefully over a narrow ranges of resting lengths • Twitch • Cycle of contraction, relaxation produced by a single stimulus • Treppe • Repeated stimulation after relaxation phase has been completed Summation • Repeated stimulation before relaxation phase has been completed
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Unformatted text preview: • Wave summation = one twitch is added to another • Incomplete tetanus = muscle never relaxes completely • Complete tetanus = relaxation phase is eleminated Tension production by skeletal muscles • Internal tension generated inside contracting muscle fibers • External tension generated in extracellular fibers • Motor units • All the muscle fibers innervated by one neuron • Precise control of movement determined by number and size of motor unit • Muscle tone • Stabilizes bones and joints...
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