Tension Production

Tension Production - Wave summation = one twitch is added...

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Tension Production Tension production by muscle fibers • All or none principle • Amount of tension depends on number of cross bridges formed • Skeletal muscle contracts most forcefully over a narrow ranges of resting lengths • Twitch • Cycle of contraction, relaxation produced by a single stimulus • Treppe • Repeated stimulation after relaxation phase has been completed Summation • Repeated stimulation before relaxation phase has been completed
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Unformatted text preview: Wave summation = one twitch is added to another Incomplete tetanus = muscle never relaxes completely Complete tetanus = relaxation phase is eleminated Tension production by skeletal muscles Internal tension generated inside contracting muscle fibers External tension generated in extracellular fibers Motor units All the muscle fibers innervated by one neuron Precise control of movement determined by number and size of motor unit Muscle tone Stabilizes bones and joints...
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