Termination of Neurotransmitter Effects

Termination of Neurotransmitter Effects - Termination of...

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Termination of Neurotransmitter Effects As long as neurotransmitter is bound to a receptor, it continues to produce its effects and block the reception of additional messages coming in. The effects of neurotransmitters appear to last a few milliseconds before being terminated by one of three mechanisms: 1. degradation by enzymes in the synapse. 2. removal from the synapse by re-uptake into presynaptic terminals. 3. diffision of the neurotransmitter away from the synapse. Neurotransmitters Neurotransmitters are the means by which each neuron communicates with others to process information and send messages to the rest of the body. Regulate many body activities and states such as sleep, hunger, memory, anger, joy, etc. Over 100 different chemicals are either known neurotransmitters or candidates. Neurotransmitters are classified either chemically or functionally. Chemical Structure: 1. Acetylcholine (ACh): Released at neuromuscular junctions of the somatic nervous system and also by neurons of the autonomic nervous system. Synthesized and enclosed
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