The Systemic Circuit

The Systemic Circuit - •Storage •Metabolic conversion...

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The Systemic Circuit Systemic arteries •Ascending aorta •Right and left coronary arteries originate from base of aortic sinus •Aortic arch and branches •Brachiocephalic •Left common carotid •Left subclavian arteries •Descending aorta and its branches •Thoracic and abdominal aortas Systemic Veins •Superior vena cava •Drains blood from the head and neck •Inferior vena cava •Drains blood from the remainder of the body Hepatic Portal System •Contains substance absorbed by the stomach and intestines •Delivers these compounds to the liver for
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Unformatted text preview: •Storage •Metabolic conversion •Excretion Fetal Circulation Placental Supply •Fetal blood flow to the placenta is supplied via paired umbilical arteries •A single umbilical vein drains from the placenta to the ductus venosus •Collects blood from umbilical vein and liver •Empties into the inferior vena cava Fetal Circulation of the Heart and Great Vessels •No need for pulmonary function in the fetus •Two shunts bypass the pulmonary circuit •Foramen ovale •Ductus arteriosus...
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