The Thyroid Cartilage

The Thyroid Cartilage - The Thyroid Cartilage The thyroid...

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Unformatted text preview: The Thyroid Cartilage The thyroid cartilage is the largest of the nine cartilages that make up the laryngeal skeleton, the cartilage structure in and around the trachea that contains the larynx. It is composed of two plate-like laminae that fuse on the anterior side of the cartilage to form a peak, called the laryngeal prominence. This prominence is often referred to as the "Adam's apple". The laryngeal prominence is more prominent in adult male than female because of the difference in the size of the angle: 90° in male and 120° in female. The lip of the thyroid cartilage just superior to the laryngeal prominence is called the superior thyroid notch, while the notch inferior to the thyroid angle is called the inferior thyroid notch. Its posterior border is elongated both inferiorly and superiorly to form the superior horn of thyroid cartilage and inferior horn of thyroid cartilage. The two laminae that make up the main lateral, surfaces of the thyroid cartilage extend obliquely to cover either side of...
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