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TISSUE - TISSUE THE LIVING FABRIC In multicellular animals...

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TISSUE: THE LIVING FABRIC In multicellular animals, individual cells are specialized with each type performing specific functions that help maintain homeostasis.Cell specialization allows the various parts of the body to function in very sophisticated ways. However, this division of labor is not without certain hazards. When a particular cell group is indispensable, its loss can severely disable or even destroy the body. Groups of closely associated cells that are similar in structure and perform a common function are called tissues. Four primary tissue types form the basis of the body: epithelial - covering; connective - support; muscle - movement; nervous - control Tissues are orgaruzed into organs. Most organs contain representatives of all four tissue types. The arrangement of tissues determines the organ's structure and capabilities. Epithelial Tissue Occurs in the body as coverings of the outside of organs, linings of the inside of organs, and glands. The covering and lining epithelium is found on all free surfaces of the
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