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Elements - pressure is shown in boldface element allotrope...

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Elements modern definition : elements are made of atoms that all have the same atomic number obtaining elements from compounds involves chemical change o electrolysis decomposes some compounds into elements o some elements displace others from compounds writing element symbols o first 1-2 distinguishing letters in name used for symbol o only the first letter is uppercase! o memorize symbols derived from ancient names: Table 11 element symbols derived from ancient names. English name symbol ancient name antimony Sb stibium copper Cu cuprum gold Au aurum iron Fe ferrum lead Pb plumbum mercury Hg hydrargyru m potassium K kalium silver Ag argentum sodium Na natrium tin Sn stannum tungsten W wolfram Allotropes one element can occur in several different forms ( allotropes ) Common allotropes of oxygen and carbon. The most stable form at room temperature and
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Unformatted text preview: pressure is shown in boldface. element allotrope oxygen O, nascent oxygen O 2 , oxygen gas O 3 , ozone carbon graphite diamond • gaseous elements commonly occur as diatomic molecules (except for the noble gases) Mixtures • characteristics o percentage composition varies from sample to sample o components are chemically different and retain properties in a mixture o do not melt/boil at a definite temperature • two types o heterogeneous mixtures components not uniformly mixed more than one phase o homogeneous mixtures components uniformly mixed one phase also called solutions...
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