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Lecture_3_Lab_Safety (1) - l Wash your hands before leaving...

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L E C T U R E N O T E S LECTURE 3 Lab Safety and equipment GENERAL CHEMISTRY Fall 2009 Updated: 11/22/2011
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Appendix A3 the laboratory area is safe if you make it safe A. Safety involves four general areas: a. General safety rules b. Heating and Fire Safety c. Working the Laboratory Safely d. Cleaning up the Laboratory B. Safety Do’s and Don’ts  a. Read the directions for the experiment several  times. b. Never perform unauthorized experiments c. Safety goggles and aprons should be worn during experiments d. Never eat or drink during a lab. Do not taste any chemicals. e. If a spill occurs clean up the mess f. Tie back long hair g. Know the locations of the safety showers and eyewashes h. Maintain a clean work area i. Store backpacks and other items away from the bench area j. Never reach across a flame k. After a lab, always clean up your work area and return all equipment
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Unformatted text preview: l. Wash your hands before leaving the lab area C. Fire Safety a. Know the location of the fire blanket and fire extinguisher D. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) a. A form containing the properties of the substance E. Label all containers a. Use tape and markers on beakers, pipets, etc F. Chemical disposal a. Do not return chemicals to stock bottles i. Do not pour back liquids into the container. b. Do not use the sink to discard items i. Drop matches into a beaker of water ii. Follow the correct disposal procedure for all chemicals G. When an accident happens a. Report any accident or injury H. Safety Contract a. Read, sign, and date the lab safety contract. Updated: 11/22/2011 I. Tools a. Make sure you are able to correctly identify and use lab equipment. Updated: 11/22/2011...
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Lecture_3_Lab_Safety (1) - l Wash your hands before leaving...

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