Lecture_17_Lewis_Dot - 1 x C, 1 x H, 3 x Cl 2. Write the...

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L E C T U R E N O T E S LECTURE 17 Lewis Dot Configurations GENERAL CHEMISTRY Fall 2008 Updated: 11/22/2011
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Lewis Structures A. Unshared Pairs (Lone Pairs) 1. A pair of electrons that is not involved in bonding and that belongs exclusively to one atom. B. Lewis Structures 1. Formulas in which atomic symbols represent nuclei and inner-shell electrons, dot pairs or dashes between two atomic symbols represent electron pairs in covalent bonds, and dots adjacent to only one atomic symbol represent unshared electrons C. Structural Formula 1. Formulas indicating the kind, number, arrangement, and bonds but not unshared pairs of the atoms in a molecule D. Drawing Lewis Structures (trichloromethane, CHCl 3 as an example) 1. Determine the type and number of atoms in the molecule
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Unformatted text preview: 1 x C, 1 x H, 3 x Cl 2. Write the electron dot notation for each type of atom in the molecule 3. Determine the total number of valence electrons to be combined 4. Arrange the atoms to form a skeleton structure for the molecule. If carbon is present, it is the central atom. Otherwise, the least electronegative element atom is central (except for hydrogen, which is never central). Then connect the atoms by electron-pair bonds. 5. Add unshared pairs of electrons so that each hydrogen atom shares a pair of electrons and each other nonmetals is surrounded by eight electrons. 6. Count the electrons in the structure to be sure that the number of valence electrons used is equal to the number available. Updated: 11/22/2011...
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Lecture_17_Lewis_Dot - 1 x C, 1 x H, 3 x Cl 2. Write the...

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