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Mass Percent - needs to be diluted to prepare a given...

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Mass Percent Another way to express concentration is using Mass Percent. Calculate the the mass percent of ethanol in a solution prepared by mixing 1.00 g of  ethanol  C 2 H 6 O  with 100.0 g of  H 2 O . Dilution Often times solutions of a given concentration are prepared by diluting solutions of higher  concentration. Here's an example of how to calculate how much a concentrated solution 
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Unformatted text preview: needs to be diluted to prepare a given concentration. How many milliliters of 16 M HNO 3 must be used to prepare 1.0 liters of a 0.10 M HNO 3 solution? So 6.2 ml of 16 M HNO 3 diluted to 1 liter will give 0.10 M HNO 3 ....
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