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Multiple bonds The sharing of a pair of electrons represents a single covalent bond, usually just referred to as a single bond In many molecules atoms attain complete octets by sharing more than one pair of electrons between them. Two electron pairs shared a double bond Three electron pairs shared a triple bond Because each nitrogen contains 5 valence electrons, they need to share 3 pairs to each achieve a valence octet. N 2 is fairly inert, due to the strong triple bond between the two nitrogens
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Unformatted text preview: The N - N bond distance in N 2 is 1.10 (fairly short) From a study of various Nitrogen containing compounds bond distance as a function of bond type can be summarized as follows: N-N 1.47 N=N 1.24 N= N 1.10 As a general rule, the distance between bonded atoms decreases as the number of shared electron pairs increases...
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