Nucleotide sequence databases

Nucleotide sequence databases - Nucleotide sequence...

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Nucleotide sequence databases Primary nucleotide sequence databases The databases EMBL, GenBank, and DDBJ are the three primary nucleotide sequence databases : They include sequences submitted directly by scientists and genome sequencing group, and sequences taken from literature and patents. There is comparatively little error checking and there is a fair amount of redundancy. The entries in the EMBL, GenBank and DDBJ databases are synchronized on a daily basis, and the accession numbers are managed in a consistent manner between these three centers. The nucleotide databases have reached such large sizes that they are available in subdivisions that allow searches or downloads that are more limited, and hence less time-consuming. For example, GenBank has currently 17 divisions. There are no legal restrictions on the use of the data in these databases. However, there are some patented sequences in the databases. EMBL
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Nucleotide sequence databases - Nucleotide sequence...

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