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Orbitals in many - same as those for the hydrogen atom the...

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Orbitals in many-electron atoms The hydrogen atom is a simple system having only one electron . The quantum mechanical description of the hydrogen atoms places all subshells (i.e. l quantum number, or the s , p , d and f subshells) with the same principle quantum number ( n ) on the same energetic level. An atom with more than 1 electron is called a many-electron atom. Although the shape of electronic orbitals for many-electron atoms are the
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Unformatted text preview: same as those for the hydrogen atom, the presence of more than 1 electron influences the energy levels of the orbitals (due to electron-electron replusion ) . For example, the 2s orbital is a lower energy state than the 2p orbital in a many-electron atom: (note: this is a qualitative representation for an "average" many-electron atom)...
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