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Precision vs - poor accuracy is associated with'systematic...

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Precision vs. Accuracy good precision & good accuracy poor accuracy but good precision good accuracy but poor precision poor precision & poor accuracy Precision Accuracy reproducibility correctness check by repeating measurements check by using a different method poor precision results from poor technique poor accuracy results from procedural or equipment flaws poor precision is associated with 'random errors' - error has random sign and varying magnitude. Small errors more likely than large errors.
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Unformatted text preview: poor accuracy is associated with 'systematic errors' - error has a reproducible sign and magnitude. • Estimating Precision o Consider these two methods for computing scores in archery competitions. Which is fairer? Score by distance from bullseye Score by area or target o The standard deviation , s , is a precision estimate based on the area score: where x i is the i-th measurement is the average measurement N is the number of measurements....
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