Reduction (2) - Reduction-O xidation (Redox) reactions

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Reduction-O xidation (Redox) reactions Ø Reactions in which e- are transferred between atoms is a  redox  or  reduction- oxidation reaction (e.g. formation of table salt NaCl) Ø In oxidation reactions, (e.g.  Sodium atom becomes a Na + ion ) Ø In a reduction reaction, a reactant gains 1 or more e- and becomes negatively (-) charged  (e.g.  Chlorine atom becomes a Cl - ion ) Ø REDOX reactions always occur together; the electron(s) from the oxidation  reaction are then accepted by another substance in the reduction reaction Solutions Ø of life occur in water Ø solution   is a uniform mixture of one substance in anther
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Reduction (2) - Reduction-O xidation (Redox) reactions

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