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Relationship Between the Ideal-Gas Equation and the Gas Laws Boyle's law, Charles's law and Avogadro's law represent special cases of the ideal gas law If the quantity of gas and the temperature are held constant then: PV = nRT PV = constant P = constant * (1/V) P 1/V ( Boyle's law ) If the quantity of gas and the pressure are held constant then: PV = nRT V = (nR/P) * T V = constant * T V T ( Charles's law ) If the temperature and pressure are held constant then: PV = nRT V = n * (RT/P) V = constant * n
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Unformatted text preview: V n ( Avogadro's law ) • A very common situation is that P, V and T are changing for a fixed quantity of gas PV = nRT (PV)/T = nR = constant • Under this situation, (PV/T) is a constant, thus we can compare the system before and after the changes in P, V and/or T: Example: A 1 liter sample of air at room temperature (25 °C) and pressure (1 atm) is compressed to a volume of 3.3 mls at a pressure of 1000 atm. What is the temperature of the air sample?...
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