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Sex determination Surprisingly, it is only in the last 50 years that we have begun to understand the nature of the biological events which determine our sex, (and for that matter, why we bother with sex at all and why two sexes are better than three or more). It is not so long ago that women were blamed if they failed to produce a son for their husband and clearly it was thought that the pow er of sex determination lay within the body of the woman. During this century the chromosomal basis of human sex determination has been demonstrated and in the last few years some of the genes responsible have been identified. The sexual identity of an individual is determined at several levels, chromosomal sex,
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Unformatted text preview: gonadal sex, somatic sex and sexual orientation. sex chromosomes The chromosomal basis of sex determination in humans was recognized when metaphase chromosomes from dividing male and female cells could be studied and counted. The normal karyotype contains 46 chromosomes including either two X chromosomes (46XX, females) or one X chromosome and one Y chromosome (46XY, males). Individuals with 45X or 47XXX karyotypes are female, individuals with 47XXY karyotype are male. Therefore it can be deduced that the Y chromosome is sex determining...
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