The different types of databases

The different types of databases - o Aggregate of many...

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The different types of databases One may characterize the available biological databases by several different properties. Here is a list to help you think about the various properties a particular database may have. Type of data o nucleotide sequences o protein sequences o proteins sequence patterns or motifs o macromolecular 3D structure o gene expression data o metabolic pathways Data entry and quality control o Scientists (teams) deposit data directly o Appointed curators add and update data o Are erroneous data removed or marked? o Type and degree of error checking o Consistency, redundancy, conflicts, updates Primary or derived data o Primary databases: experimental results directly into database o Secondary databases: results of analysis of primary databases
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Unformatted text preview: o Aggregate of many databases Links to other data items Combination of data Consolidation of data • Technical design o Flat-files o Relational database (SQL) o Object-oriented database (e.g. CORBA, XML) • Maintainer status o Large, public institution (e.g. EMBL, NCBI) o Quasi-academic institute (e.g. Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, TIGR) o Academic group or scientist o Commercial company • Availability o Publicly available, no restrictions o Available, but with copyright o Accessible, but not downloadable o Academic, but not freely available o Proprietary, commercial; possibly free for academics...
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The different types of databases - o Aggregate of many...

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